Rates and fees are indicated below:


On-site services: $60/hour
Trip Charge: $20
Remote support: $60/hour
Bench service: $60/hour


On-site services: $80/hour
Trip charge: $0.50 per mile for all trips greater than 15 miles one-way *
Remote support: $80/hour
Bench services: $60/hour

Payment Options

We accept cash, check, or cards.
Payments greater than $999 must be paid by check.

Late Fees

Payment is due at the time services are provided. Established clients may be billed via invoice. Please contact us to arrange a payment agreement if necessary. We can work with clients to avoid late fees.

A $30 late fee will be assessed and added to all invoices that have not been paid in full within 15 days.

A 1% monthly finance charge will be assessed on any past due invoice outstanding balance until the invoice has been paid in full.

All past due accounts are subject to legal and/or collection actions after 30 days. any and all fees associated with collections will be charged to the client.

* Business Account Trip-Charges

Trip charges allow us to maintain low rates for our customers, yet compensates us for the time and expenses required to travel.

Business clients are not subject to trip charges for locations within 15 miles of our office.

All trips greater than 15 miles are subject to a trip charge of $0.50 per total mile of the entire trip.

As an example, a visit to a business location 15 miles away would result in no trip charge. However, a trip to a business location 30 miles away would be billed a trip charge of $30. ($0.50 for each mile of the entire trip.)