Recommended Services

I personally use these programs and services as part of my business. By following the links below, you will receive a discount as get started with these quality products.

Mile IQ

Automatically log and classify business mileage.
Produces IRS approved monthly and annual reports.
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Cloud based invoicing system for businesses.
Automate your billing system with this easy to use service.
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Cross-platform remote-support software.
Resolve client computer issues without leaving the office.
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Other Useful Resources

Business Startup Tips
A list of the steps for setting up an LLC business. Tips to help cover all those little details associated with being self-employed.

Malware Information Guide
The most commonly encountered issue with PC’s is malware and hazardous applications. In this guide, the challenges associated with addressing malware are thoroughly explained.

Malware Removal Guide
This guide will walk you through the actual malware removal process I use to rehabilitate compromised computers.

18 WordPress video tutorials that present a step-by-step approach to managing your own WordPress-based Website.

Tech Tools
Downloadable utilities and applications in one handy location. I occasionally need one of these apps, but can’t always rely on having a copy of it on my USB key-ring.

An assortment of links to useful applications, information sites, and other online resources for your PC.


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