An on-site estimate fee is $35.00, plus the normal trip charge.
The estimate fee will be credited towards labor costs for work
associated with an approved estimate.


The in-house service rate is $60 per hour.
This covers all work performed at the 10Hz shop.

ON-SITE (Residential/Home Office)

On-site service is $60 per hour plus a trip-charge.
This rate applies to work performed at the customer’s location.

The standard residential trip charge is $20, up to 15 miles one-way.
Longer travel distances will be calculated appropriately.

ON-SITE (Business)

On-site service is $80 per hour.
This rate applies to work performed at the customer’s Business location.


Remote support is $50 per hour for residential/home office, and $60 per hour for businesses.
Remote-support clients can receive minor remote-support sessions (up to 20 minutes) at no charge.


  • Domain registration $20
  • Annual domain renewal $20
  • Monthly hosting charges  $14
  • Monthly updates and backups $6
  • Hourly Web page design & modifications $20

Sorry, prepaid hosting and/or maintenance fees are not refundable


Email support is available to existing customers at no charge.


Phone support is available to existing customers at no charge.


The cost of parts and materials is additional to any service charges.
Replaced parts are available to the client upon request.


Payment for services is due in full at the time service is completed.
Alternative payment arrangements are to be established prior to receiving services.


Cash, check, or major credit-card are accepted as payment in most cases.
Remote services are payable by check, or online via credit-card.


Discounts are offered as a deducted percentage on invoices in specific circumstances.
If the invoice becomes ‘past due’ (not paid within 30 days) the discount will be
forfeited, and the customary $20 late fee will be added to the total.


Unpaid invoices are subject to a $30 late fee if not paid within 20 days.

Accounts that become past-due will also forfeit all discounts included in the initial invoice.

Please contact us to work out a payment plan before your account is past due.

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