Yesterday I was reading an article about the FCC being directed to investigate billing discrepancies at US Internet providers. The issues prompting the action includes complaints of Comcast charging customers rental fees for equipment actually owned by the customer.

Halfway through the article I took a minute to log into our account to inspect the details of our bill, and found that we were being overcharged $10 a month for equipment rental, even though we had our own equipment.

The Comcast billing department subsequently conceded that I was erroneously billed for rental equipment, and offered to refund three months worth of the overcharged amount… Policy, you see, prevents them from adjusting for refunds beyond that point.

The outcome after an additional round of well-reasoned argument, and 15 minutes on hold waiting for a supervisor, was a full refund of $180 credit being offered. The refund should post to our account within three days, according to the rep. The reality was a $30 refund on the following month’s bill.

Rather than continuing the ordeal with Comcast, I took a chance on the FCC’s Internet Complaint Form. Within a week, a Comcast representative called me to apologize for the billing error. Then, in addition to the $30 credit I had already received, he credited my account an additional $200 to “compensate for the misunderstanding.”


I absolutely recommend visiting the FCC Complaint site to those getting the run-around from Comcast. The site accepts reports of (billing and service) issues with Internet, phone, TV, and radio services. Here’s the URL:


 Comcast News


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